Thursday, 1 December 2016

A new ruleset for Wind on the Steppes

This blog has been sleeping for such a long time, that I’m not sure that anybody is still following it. All my apologies for those who were interested in it. Still, I’m feeding it today with some feedback, and I hope I will start it again when I’m finished with the current project: convert Wind on the Steppes to the newly edited D100 ruleset Revolution D100.

I’m working hard on it, so I hope that it can be ready for 2017. I’ll try to integrate some material from this blog. In the meantime, I encourage you to have a look at Revolution D100.

The rulebook has a very reasonable price for its 256 pages and can be found here
There are no rules for shamanism in the SRD, but of course they will be present in Wind on the Steppes.

The lucky visitors at Dragonmeet can have a look at the Alephtar Games' booth.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Khitan Customs

Khitan Hunters - National Palace Museum in Taiwan
Khitan are a mongolic tribe federation which founded an empire in northern China in the 10th Century, before being driven out by the Jurchen. This sino-mongolic empire was called the Liao Kingdom and is mentionned page 130 of Wind on the Steppes.

Gianni Vacca, the prolific rpg-blog-runner and author of The Celestial Empire sent me a link to a blog dedicated to languages. The linked entry is about the Khitan and provides the full translation of a chinese text describing many of their customs: "Record of the Lands North of Yan". This text has been written in 1058 by Wáng Yì 王易, an envoy of the Song. It is a superb source of material to bring credibility, colour, amazement and ideas in your game.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Where a shaman meets the Great Tiger

Siberian Tiger
Thanks to Gianni Vacca, I discovered an amazing video about the friendship between a goat and a tiger. It probably actually shows a shaman in goat form (certainly his Animal-Mother) negotiating with Bar, the Great Tiger Protector Spirit.

Enjoy !