It is not so usual in gaming publications to cite all the sources used for writing it, as for a scientific publication, often because of a lack of space. However, I think it is fair and useful to do it, at least for the  most significant ones: I therefore made this non- exhaustive list.

When looking for information on Wikipedia, I noticed that the different Wiki languages (I used English, German and French) proposed sometime different points of view for the same entry, which illustrates the uncertainty on the sources and how some choices may have been arbitrary. For example, some says the Huns are of Turkic origin, some other that they were rather Mongolic. But the purpose of a rpg supplement is to propose a background, not to open scholarly disputes, so feel free to chose the version you like.

Movies, novels, comics and the like are proposed in a post dedicated to sources of inspiration.

Books :
René Grousset, L’empire des Steppes
Jean-Paul Roux, L’Asie Centrale
Luce Boulnois, La Route de la Soie
Jacques Chaliand, Les Empires Nomades
Steppenkrieger, catalogue from the exposition at the Landmuseum Bonn
Gavriil Ksenofontov, Les Chamans de Sibérie et leur Tradition Orale
Les Aventures Merveilleuses sous Terre et Ailleurs d’Er-Töshtük, le Géant des Steppes, translation of Sayakbay Karalayev's version
The Secret History of the Mongols
Ibn-Bâttuta, Travels
Margareth Stutley, Shamanism, an introduction
M. A. Czaplicka, Shamanism in Siberia
Im Zeichen der Goldenen Greifen / Königsgräber der Skythen, catalogue of the exposition
Alfred Lurker, Lexikon der Götter und Dämonen

Osprey Publishing:
David Nicolle, Angus McBride, Attila and the Nomad Hordes
Stephen Turnbull, Angus Mc Bride, The Mongols
Stephen Turnbull, Wayne reynolds, Mongol Warrior 1200-1350

Articles and revues:
In « Revue de l’Histoire des Religions » : Jean-Paul Roux, misc. articles ; E. Lot-Falck, À Propos d’Ätügen, Déesse Mongole de la Terre 
In « Cahiers du Monde Russe et Soviétique » : Gennadij E. Markov, Valérie Le Galcher-Baron, Les sociétés traditionnelles d’Asie Centrale 
In « Arts Asiatiques », Louis Bazin, Les premières inscriptions turques (VIe-Xe siècles) en Mongolie et en Sibérie méridionale
In « Paléorient », Éric Crubézy and collective, Pratiques funéraires et sacrifices d'animaux en Mongolie à la période proto-historique.
Le Monde, Cahier des Religions : Chamanisme

Others :
I used the map models of Daniel Dalet,, to make my own ones
Special mention to Atgxtg from the forum, who inspired me the alternate rules for bows- he should have been cited in the book.

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