This blog is aimed at providing free gaming aids, and background material to rpg-players. Although mostly dedicated to the rpg game Wind on the Steppes (Alephtar Games 2014), it shall have a wider audience beyond players of this game, thanks to its general pieces of information about steppe Nomads.
The author of this blog uses images and tries to mention the source or the author as far as he knows it. These images are only intended at illustrating the topics, without any commercial intention.  The author tries not to infringe any copyright regulation and apologizes if this occurs unintentionally: in such a case, the material will be removed upon requirement of the authors or assignees.

Wind on the Steppes has been proffread and corrected by native English speakers. However, I am myself not a native English speaker. I try to maintain this blog in English in order to reach the widest audience as possible, but of course I can't avoid mistakes or unapropriate syntax: I apologize for it and am ready to correct any mistake readers may detect.

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